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Get the help you need to commence homeschooling in the way that best suits your lifestyle. There are many approaches and we have tried or seen most of them in action after 25 years of homeschooling. We can help with registering, planning, teaching modules, tuition, career guidance and pathways to trades and university.


Introductory Consultation

I I offer a complimentary half hour service to discuss a family's needs and what they would like to highlight in the education of their children, including discussion with the children if wanted. I am happy to organize help with writing the application for a small fee. No item on our website or fee will be above $15. We will sell helpful teaching modules which we can create on request. Examples include:  how to write an essay or assignment with referencing, English Grammar, Geography and History units (combining several disciplines such as art, English, Mathematics and movies, to make them fun and interesting).  We also have a great introductory video interviewing 4 Queensland homeschooling families with very different approaches. This was made 14 years ago and our own methods have developed considerably since then, including the use of Open University subjects for grades 11 and 12 to get into university  and the use of the Institute for Excellence in Writing for English. However there are many options, and we started with the most inexpensive and basic and gradually learned to integrate learning, especially the practical applications. Lastly, Peter has now produced a tertiary preparation course using history as the framework to teach all the skills needed to succeed at university or to use as a finishing course for secondary education.

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CConsultations and Tuition


I am available for short questions on the blog, but if a longer consultation is required, I will make an appointment and charge a $15 fee. We will use Skype or Zoom for subject tuition, also with a $15 fee.My husband is a registered high school teacher with 20 years experience in schools and teaches all the humanities subjects; I have the equivalent of a degree in biomedical science. My own children went on to become a teacher, doctor, social worker, midwife, mechanic, marketing co-ordinator for “interact” and an engineering student in electrical and electronic engineering.

Counselling and Innovative Group Learning


I have facilitated many students' programmes for university entrance and trade entrance. I am happy to offer family counselling on pathways to a job, but also on practical matters of organizing life with homeschooling. One great approach we stumbled upon was an afternoon a week with tuition and social time with local homeschoolers. Interacting in a classroom setting with half a dozen other students across a few year age span facilitates learning and interest , discussion and interaction. In the case of history, this was extended into their playtime. For example, by making movies of various battles, crafting soldiers and models, putting on plays etc. Requesting a module of interest to be created and working through it is a group becomes a great idea for weekly get-togethers and teaches children to work and play together. We will also provide complementary worksheets and extra study resources for modules of work.

What should we do first?


If totally new to homeschooling, I recommend you go to the shop and purchase the mp4 of "Queensland Homeschooling Families", to get some idea of what this is all about.


If not, book a free consultation to discuss what direction you want to take and how to go about it.

If you have been homeschooling for a while and need input to make it more interesting or have problems in some areas, book a free consultation for some extra ideas.

Who are we?


We are a family with 7 children who commenced 30 years ago in the school system and took out our children after several years to homeschool them. At the same time, we moved to the country, which made the transition much easier, as there were so many extra farm activities to occupy the children outside of their few hours of schooling. To me , it was unbelievable how much time had been wasted at school, on buses going to and from school, getting ready for school, de-stressing after school and doing homework. We got through all our work in less than half the time and the children advanced at their own pace, three of them going to university at only 16 years of age.


My husband was a high school teacher, and I am a stay-at-home mum.  I made everything in the day a learning experience and loved the involvement with the children. Some did music as extra-curricula and joined the local community orchestra. Others did dancing and participated in community events. Two of my children have Asperger Syndrome, and one has very poor health, but home-schooling is so adaptable to life. Nine years ago when I had a brain aneurysm, taking a year to recover, my kids got through with minimal help.


At the time, I ordered Aurora's Supercharged Science, so they could via video teach themselves science every day; they worked through maths  texts (asking older siblings questions); English was diary writing that year, where I got to learn how each child was dealing with the family crisis, and the older children organized all of the household chores, getting creative with involving the younger ones. They caught up in other subject areas in subsequent years, but that year of learning was invaluable.



Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.


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Group A Courses


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Unit 1:  History for Homeschoolers:  Why Study History?


Unit 2:  Australia in World War Two: An Introduction


Unit 3:  The Road to War: Britain, Germany and World War Two


Unit 4: Creating Models of the Past: Reconstructing the 1944 Battle for Arnhem in Film


Unit 5: The Psychology of Writing: A Toolkit for Writers


Unit 6: The Art of the Historian: How to Build an Effective History Essay


Unit 7: The War with Japan: 1941-1945-Causes and Course


Unit 8: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: World War Two and Changing Japanese identity                                                       


Unit 9: The Research Process:  Researching a History Essay


Unit 10: Living History:  Practical Ways to Engage in History

Group B Courses


(Click to View)


Unit 11:  The French Revolution and the Rise of Secular Utopian Movements in the

             Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries


Unit 12:  The Rise of Communist China and the Korean War:  1945-1953


Unit 13:  The French Indochina War:  1945-1955


Unit 14: The Vietnam War:  1955-1975-An Overview


Unit 15: Australia in the Vietnam War and Other Issues


Unit 16: The Cold War:  An Introduction


Unit 17: The Rise of Israel and the Middle East:  1890-2022


Unit 18: The Historian as Magician:  The Art of Weaponized History                                          


Unit 19: The Art of Public Speaking


Unit 20: The Causes of World War One:  A Study in Failed Diplomacy


History Study Courses for Homeschoolers






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Historical Origins of Christianity Course






Historical Origins of Christianity Course


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Unit 1:  From Oral Tradition to Written Tradition


Unit 2:  The Teaching of Jesus


Unit 3: Christian Belief and Practice in the First Two Centuries


Unit 4: Authority in the Early Church


(Projected Future Units)


Unit 5: Christian Communities and Missionary Journeys in the Early Church


Unit 6: Liturgical Development in the Early Church


Unit 7: The Story of the Old Testament                                        


Unit 8: The Jewish Prophets and the Coming Messiah


Unit 9: The Church Till the Fifth Century


Unit 10: The Roman Response to Christianity