The Psychology of Writing

A Toolkit for Writers


Language is a system of codes, a medium through which one person seeks to communicate their thoughts to another. How well this communication is achieved depends on how well the person at the other end can decode these codes and make sense of them in his or her own mind.  Indeed, comprehension itself can only be effectively measured by how well the other person can recreate the intended discourse within his or her imagination.  Thus by understanding the human mind and how it works we can not only improve comprehension but the quality of our writing.

This unit consists of a 30 minute instructional video and a workbook consisting of 6 activities designed to help you better understand the writing process, improve your skills at written communication as well as your comprehension skills based on  an understanding of the fundamentals of human psychology.

Key areas covered include in the instructional video include the following:

The workbook consists of 6 activities that build on the ideas presented in the instructional video: